Sustained Business Growth Through Automation of Buying and Selling Wholesale Ethernet Services

Sustained Business Growth Through Automation of Buying and Selling Wholesale Ethernet Services

According to research firm Vertical Systems, the top three providers of Carrier Ethernet services for 2016 are Orange, Colt and AT&T. The fact that they operate markets in three different countries is an indication of a global nature of the CE market and the fact that no single operator has a global footprint.

Operators must buy and sell wholesale services from and to other operators. The problem is that the process of buying and selling is largely manual which leads to inefficiencies and errors that delay the process and create frustration. To make matters worst, the standards being used are outdated. On top of that, it typically takes weeks for an operator to even get a quote on a wholesale service. In some cases it takes 45 days.

To have a positive impact on the bottom line, business transactions must drive technology requirements. Unfortunately cross-domain business integration has not kept up with the speed of network innovation.

Customers will be justified in looking for easier responses from non-telco service providers.

Leveraging the MEF 53 standard, Cataworx is a sales enablement platform that accelerates the pre-sales process.

The platform solves three pain points network operators experience today: long wait times, inconsistent product offering definitions and manual, error-prone data exchanges.

To relieve these pain points, Cataworx offers three core components:

  • Cataworx Modeler
  • Cataworx Product Catalog and Search Engine
  • Inter-domain Product Catalog Integration

Using an intelligent questionnaire, Cataworx Modeler guides the user through the otherwise difficult and tedious task of defining a product offering that’s MEF 53 compliant.

Cataworx Search Engine is an intuitive search based on Natural Language. Buyers can easily search product offering inventories without having to remember all the details. The engine looks at the intention of the user, fills in the blanks and offers relevant suggestions. Unlike user interfaces that are coupled to the underlying data structures, Cataworx Search Engine offers free form text input that nevers gets out of date.

Business-to-Business product data integration is the first step towards cross-domain orchestration. To make this possible, Cataworx offers Inter-domain Product Catalog Integration via open and standard Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). Product search and quoting process gets accelerated even more, going from weeks to seconds.

By addressing these pain points, Cataworx compresses the pre-sales timeline and increases revenue opportunities for all Operators big and small.