LSO Sonata Plugin Pricing

Cataworx LSO Sonata Plugin

The Cataworx LSO Sonata Plugin is a MEF 3.0 LSO Sonata API-compliant cloud-native microservice, providing Communication Service Providers with a lightweight adapter for their existing Business Support Systems (BSS). The LSO Sonata Plugin provides a transformational mapping between a Communication Service Provider’s existing BSS interfaces and MEF-compliant APIs for address validation, serviceability and quoting. This provides a standardized interface enabling buying customers the ability to send and receive MEF-compliant requests and responses.

Plugin Features and Benefits

Cost Savings and Low Operating Expense

  • Cloud native microservices-based solution
  • Enable existing BSS transformation to MEF LSO Sonata

Standards-based Inter-Carrier Business Operations

  • Inter-carrier business application integration
  • Automated product search, offer qualification and quote
  • Frictionless integrations eliminate custom point-to-point implementations

MEF 3.0 LSO API Integration

  • LSO Sonata R1-compliant
  • Industry standard quote model and API (TM Forum compliant)
  • Process more quotes faster with greater accuracy.
  • Provide accurate address validation/serviceability instantly.
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* API transaction includes a request/response for product search, offer qualification/service availability, quote
** For each referred partner that signs up for a monthly contract

1. Other deployment models are available and will be discussed based on customer requirements.
2. One time setup fee applies for each BSS integration required. Setup fees will be applied as discounts to paid monthly subscription plans.
3. No Cost Upgrade to Silver Plan for 1 Month
4. 25% Discount on Next Billing Cycle

Pricing conditions are subject to change without notice.

Contact Us

Contact us to discuss pricing or a proof-of-concept for a more customized solution.

Contact Us

Contact us to discuss pricing or a proof-of-concept for a more customized solution.

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