How could Cataworx revolutionize your sales operations?

Cataworx provides a cloud-native business-to-business sales automation platform, designed for Communication Service Providers to simplify and accelerate the sales process for selling data connectivity. In addition, the platform simplifies procurement of off-net connectivity from a Service Provider’s partner suppliers, accelerating quoting of both Service Provider on-net and partner off-net connectivity.

Cataworx software services can be integrated with existing Service Provider IT and business systems through an Application Integration Service, enabling a bolt-on solution for existing systems.


Highly-Automated B2B Software Integrations and Workflows

  • Seamlessly scale service provider sales operations.
  • With Cataworx’s Pricing Engine, sales teams can maintain up-to-date prices within the Product Catalog, automating updates based on dynamic rules-based pricing.
  • Distributed catalog integrations enable recursive operations across any number of partners.

A cloud-native business-to-business sales automation platform built for communication and connectivity services.

Straight Forward Purchasing Experience

  • Minimize the requisite number of pre-sales and sales touch points with Cataworx’s Community Portal.
  • Eliminate countless email exchanges and streamline communication and collaboration between sales teams and end customer/partner procurement teams.
  • Service providers connect with all of their end customers/partners in real-time with secure chat rooms.
  • Users easily search within Cataworx’s Product Catalog for their required services.
  • Service providers have the power to create and maintain an ecosystem for collaboration that scales with their end customer/partner needs.

Instant Quote Capability

  • Shorten the sales timeline from weeks to minutes.
  • Thrill end customers/partners with on-demand customized quotes, delivering what they want when they want it.
  • Empower end customers/partners with the information they need to make quick purchasing decisions with Cataworx’s dynamic quote system.
  • Solve complex quote projects with Cataworx’s unlimited, multisite quote capability.
  • Cataworx’s API integration treats on-net and off-net quotes equally, simplifying service provider’s quote processes regardless of type.

Enables Dynamic, On-Demand Services

  • Service provider network assets are used more efficiently with custom, on-demand quotes, freeing up network resources for new offerings.
  • Increase revenue by decreasing gaps in service, introducing new, on-demand service offerings.
  • Enable self-serve, on-demand service quoting for end customers/partners.
  • Cataworx bridges the gap between selling and deploying new service offerings with an easy-to-use quoting platform.
  • Offer end customers/partners increased visibility and easy access to offerings and prices.

Cost Reduction in Sales Operations

  • Decrease the required manual hours while scaling service provider sales operations.
  • Easily integrate across partners and network domains with API access while reducing time required for sales operations.
  • Minimize research and development (R&D) and information technology (IT) costs over time while enjoying use of a state-of-the-art sales operations platform.
  • Minimize delays in quote-to-cash while capturing previously lost business opportunities.
  • Direct newly freed time towards other revenue generation opportunities.