How could Cataworx revolutionize your sales operations?

The Cataworx Sales Automation Platform provides real-time quoting of data connectivity services through a self-serve collaboration portal while supporting both internal BSS data integrations as well as Business-to-Business inter-operator (carrier-to-carrier) integrations via standards-based API implementations.

The Platform enables communication service providers to automate and accelerate quoting and ordering of communication services.

Cataworx accelerates and simplifies the way communications service providers work together to connect the world and delight their customers.

Cataworx’s patent-pending solution dramatically decreases the typical sales cycle from weeks to seconds through a collaboration platform that provides instant-quote capabilities and automated inter-carrier integrations.

Service providers can pursue more top line revenue, decrease sales expenses, offer new dynamic and on-demand services, and increase the overall profitability of their sales process while offering their customers a straight-forward purchasing experience.

Straightforward Purchasing Experience

  • Minimize the requisite number of pre-sales and sales touch points with Cataworx’s Community Portal.
  • Eliminate countless email exchanges and streamline communication and collaboration between sales teams and end customer/partner procurement teams.
  • Service providers connect with all of their end customers/partners in real-time with secure chat rooms.
  • Users easily search within Cataworx’s Product Catalog for their required services.
  • With Chatworx, a communications tool within the platform, service providers have the power to create and maintain an ecosystem for collaboration that scales with their end customer/partner needs.

Instant Quote Capability

  • Shorten the sales timeline from weeks to minutes.
  • Thrill end customers/partners with on-demand customized quotes, delivering what they want when they want it.
  • Empower end customers/partners with the information they need to make quick purchasing decisions with Cataworx’s dynamic quote system.
  • Solve complex quote projects with Cataworx’s unlimited, multisite quote capability.
  • Cataworx’s API integration treats on-net and off-net quotes equally, simplifying service provider’s quote processes regardless of type.

Enables dynamic, on-demand services

  • Service provider network assets are used more efficiently with custom, on-demand quotes, freeing up network resources for new offerings.
  • Increase revenue by decreasing gaps in service, introducing new, on-demand service offerings.
  • Enable self-serve, on-demand service quoting for end customers/partners.
  • Cataworx bridges the gap between selling and deploying new service offerings with an easy-to-use quoting platform.
  • Offer end customers/partners increased visibility and easy access to offerings and prices.

Cost Reduction in sales operations

  • Decrease the required manual hours while scaling service provider sales operations.
  • Easily integrate across partners and network domains with API access while reducing time required for sales operations.
  • Minimize research and development (R&D) and information technology (IT) costs over time while enjoying use of a state-of-the-art sales operations platform.
  • Minimize delays in quote-to-cash while capturing previously lost business opportunities.
  • Direct newly freed time towards other revenue generation opportunities.

Highly-Automated B2B software integrations and workflows

  • Seamlessly scale service provider sales operations.
  • With Cataworx’s Pricing Engine, sales teams can maintain up-to-date prices within the Product Catalog, automating updates based on dynamic rules-based pricing.
  • Distributed catalog integrations enable recursive operations across any number of partners.

Our Platform Features


Quoting Engine

At the core of the Cataworx Platform is the patent-pending Quoting Engine supporting instant quote capabilities for communication services. Our quote management workflows simplify the quoting process enabling faster time-to-revenue, decreased sales opex and increased revenue.

Product Catalog

The product catalog defines data connectivity product offerings available to end customers/partners. Products are modeled based on industry standards including MEF-defined Carrier Ethernet products. Users securely interact with the product catalog via Community Portal or API integrations. Product catalog access is controlled based on user permissions in the Portal or by secure API access from end customer/partner client applications.

Community Portal

The Cataworx community portal is a self-service, customer-oriented communication portal enabling a service provider’s pre-sales and sales team to collaborate, in real-time, with their end customers/partners using state-of-the-art private chat rooms. End customers/partners simply enter their service request details to receive real-time quotes or serviceability checks. The portal also provides a multi-quote function to handle multiple quote requests.

On-net serviceability checks and quotes, for example, are delivered to end customers/partners in seconds. Sales teams can collaborate with all their end customer/partner users under a single platform, saving time and eliminating emails, phone calls and faxes.

Pricing Engine

Cataworx pricing engine is a component that enables service providers to define their dynamic pricing rules. The pricing engine can be configured by a standard pricing spreadsheet provided by Cataworx. Additional customization is also available based on the service provider’s needs.

Quote Analytics

Cataworx quote analytics is a component providing mapping and analytics features that revolutionize geographic understanding of sales. This includes providing a location view of users that spans the entire globe. Service providers also reap the benefits of location monitoring, with capabilities making it easy to view the location of their quote request across the world. They have access to intuitive navigation and pan and zoom controls that allow them to identify trends and hotspots in their footprints in real-time.

With Cataworx’s enhanced mapping and analytics features, sales teams can, in real-time, gain insights into the state of the pre-sales process. Straightforward key performance indicators (KPIs) help measure the strength of their partnerships, identify potential new business opportunities by location as well as understand demand for new product offerings.

Internal Business Support System Integrations

Regardless of the IT and business support system (BSS) infrastructure complexity, service providers can frictionlessly integrate Cataworx’s solution into their current systems and data sources via data adaptors and integrations.

By integrating Cataworx services into an existing ecosystem, service providers will be taking a major step toward boosting their IT and technology capabilities and investments. At the core of Cataworx’s technology is a set of easy-to-orchestrate cloud-native microservices. Cataworx’s standards-based integration approach and data-mapping microservices remove the pain of bringing a new technology stack into existing ecosystems to provide service providers with a frictionless integration experience.

Incoming Partner Business Integrations

Cataworx implements the standards-based MEF 3.0 LSO Sonata interface for integrations with each partner. In order to support operations performed by those procurement business systems, the Cataworx Platform provides API integrations that operate in an incoming mode, which means they service LSO-compliant incoming API requests.

Outgoing Partner Business Integrations

Partner API integrations enable catalog-to-catalog API calls via MEF 3.0 LSO Sonata APIs. Integrations with other Cataworx Platform deployments are supported out-of-the-box.

End Customer/Partner User Management

Our end customer/partner user management feature was built on the idea that service providers should have complete control over their end customer/partner users. This capability in Chatworx, Cataworx’s social media style collaboration environment, provides a Cataworx instance admin role that can easily create new collaboration spaces (i.e., rooms) to host end customer/partner companies/organizations. Once a room is created, these users can easily be added, updated, and removed in response to business needs. New users will receive an easy to follow invitation to join the platform via email. With this feature, service providers have the power to create and maintain an ecosystem for collaboration that scales with their end customer/partner needs.