Cataworx Platform

Cataworx delivers a suite of pre-sales cloud-native applications that enable communication service providers (CSPs) to seamlessly scale their sales operations and automate the quote process. With our platform, your customers can search for their desired product offerings, verify service eligibility, and receive quotes within seconds. Our API integration treats on-net and off-net quotes equally, simplifying your quote process regardless of type.

How could Cataworx revolutionize your sales operations?

Increase Wholesale Revenue

  • Simplify the pre-sales process and identify revenue opportunities with instant-quote capabilities.

Accelerate Time-to-Revenue

  • Empower your customers with the information they need to make a quick decision with Cataworx’s dynamic bot-based quote system.
  • Minimize the requisite number of touch points to close a sale.
  • Process more quotes faster with greater accuracy.

Reduce Costs

  • Decrease R&D/IT costs over time while enjoying the use of a state-of-the-art sales operations platform.

Improve User Experience

  • Our intelligent bot, catabot, provides instant-quote capability to an infinite number of users.
  • Consolidate your collaboration onto one platform while eliminating the need for emails.
  • Tailor your communication ecosystem to a customer’s needs with Chatworx, a communications tool within our platform.

Our Platform Offerings

Community Portal
Community Portal

Community Portal

The Community Portal is a customer-oriented communication portal that eliminates countless email exchanges and streamlines collaboration between buyers and sellers. Using state-of-the-art private chat rooms, users connect in real-time as our artificial intelligence (AI) bot, catabot, fulfills requests.

Product Catalog
Product Catalog

Product Catalog

Users search within Cataworx’s Product Catalog for their required services, all listed using a universal standard for product specifications. Connect to our Product Catalog via our Community Portal or integrate to your own system with our universal APIs. Distributed catalog integrations enable recursive operations, opening up a whole new world of sales opportunities.

Pricing Engine
Pricing Engine

Pricing Engine

With our Pricing Engine, sales teams can maintain up-to-date prices within the Product Catalog, automating updates based on dynamic rules-based pricing. Empower your customers with the quotes they need on-demand, including unlimited multisite quotes. With our API integrations, off-net and on-net quotes are treated equally, further providing ease of use for your customers.

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