Nokia WaveHub partnership with Cataworx’s Smart Quoting Technology

Nokia WaveHub partnership with Cataworx’s Smart Quoting Technology

Boulder, Colorado, 30 September 2020 — Cataworx and Nokia have entered a technology partnership to jointly deliver a solution enabling instant quoting for optical services, which will accelerate service delivery and service provider time-to-revenue. The partnership, integrates Cataworx’s Smart Quoting technology with Nokia’s WaveSuite Service Enablement application by leveraging Nokia’s recently launched WaveHub market-oriented ecosystem; a program which brings customers and partners together to develop new ways to create optical network value.

Cataworx, a telecommunications software vendor, works with Communication Service Providers and technology partners to revolutionize sales operations via multi-domain, instant and automated quotation workflows. In a recent ACG Research study, 70% of Service Provider respondents reported that simplifying and accelerating transport services deployment with inter-carrier automation was either a critical or very important barrier preventing rapid service delivery of optical and Carrier Ethernet transport services. Cataworx’s technology simplifies the complicated commercial process Service Providers experience when working with their operator partners to deliver multi-provider connectivity services. Service Providers can realize as much as 500% ROI when deploying quote automation from Cataworx.

Nokia’s WaveSuite Service Enablement enables rapid optical network monetization by providing a set of tools to fulfill, assure, custom report on, and rapidly deploy services throughout a hierarchy of tenants (e.g., internal business services organizations, partners, resellers and subscribers). Cataworx’s Smart Quoting technology introduces business domain service quoting and ordering functions between the tenants, simplifying and automating the quoting process to further accelerate the deployment of optical services.

“The combination of Cataworx’s smart quoting technology and the innovative WaveSuite applications can streamline the delivery of optical services and increase revenue opportunities for Nokia’s customers.” said Adolfo Perez-Duran, Cataworx Chairman and Chief Technology Officer.

“Through Nokia’s WaveHub ecosystem program, the Cataworx and Nokia partnership is providing incremental business value towards the selling of optical services,” said Robert Marson, Optical Networks WaveHub Ecosystem Lead, Emerging Products at Nokia. “Our partnership with Cataworx enables further acceleration of optical service delivery by streamlining the quoting process for our WaveSuite Service Enablement customers.”

Cataworx’s quoting nodes provide a recursive quoting capability that aligns with the WaveSuite Service Enablement business relationship aware hierarchical multi-domain tenant model. Self-serve service enablement throughout a hierarchy of tenants means quotes can be delivered autonomously in seconds to end users. Cataworx quoting nodes seamlessly integrate with Nokia WaveSuite Service Enablement, incorporate industry standards APIs, enabling automation throughout a business relationship aware hierarchical multi-domain quoting process. By combining Nokia’s WaveSuite Service Enablement with Cataworx’s Quoting Nodes, Nokia’s customers can further differentiate their service offers, and reduce OPEX, by streamlining the quoting process.

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Cataworx, a telecom-focused software vendor based in Boulder Colorado, develops technology that accelerates and simplifies the way communications service providers work together to connect the world and delight their customers. Cataworx’s patent-pending B2B solution dramatically decreases the typical sales cycle from weeks to seconds through a sales automation platform that provides instant-quote and order capabilities and automated inter-carrier integrations. Communication service providers can pursue more top line revenue, decrease sales expenses, offer new dynamic and on-demand services, and increase the overall profitability of their sales process while offering their customers a straight-forward purchasing experience.

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