Cataworx Wins MEF18 Proof of Concept Award for Inter-carrier Data-on-demand Services

MEF18 Proof of Concept Award

Cataworx Wins MEF18 Proof of Concept Award for Inter-carrier Data-on-demand Services

Boulder, Colorado, 31 October 2018 — Cataworx Inc., a telecommunications software startup technology vendor, along with technology partner Clear Blockchain Technologies, are proud recipients of the MEF18 Proof-of-Concept (PoC) Showcase silver award presented at MEF18 global networking event on Oct 31 in Los Angeles, CA. More than 50 companies in 18 groups participated in MEF18 PoC demonstrations that showcased the ability to orchestrate dynamic and assured services across automated, virtualized, and interconnected networks in accordance with the MEF 3.0 framework.

Along with participating service providers PCCW Global, CBCcom, Sparkle, Tata Communications, Liquid Telecom, Singtel, and Infonas, the team demonstrated inter-carrier workflows including product offer discovery, recursive quote, order, billing and settlement involving standards-based APIs and blockchain technology. Commercial interactions were automated across a network of these seven carriers.

Through a secure network of interconnected Cataworx Product Catalogs, recursive searching and quoting were extended to all seven partner wholesale operators using MEF 3.0 LSO Sonata-compliant catalog integrations. Cataworx bot-based collaboration platform used Artificial Intelligence to assist an example partner buyer in searching and quoting connectivity services in seconds, all within a modern intent-driven Service Provider customer portal.

This Proof-of-Concept Cataworx demonstrated how, through automation, operators can benefit from getting instantaneous quotes through multiple partner domains. By reducing the time-to-quote from weeks or days to seconds, operators are able to offer new products and services with deployment times significantly shorter than the current typical weeks or months. Cataworx reduces costs by eliminating costly taylormade one-to-one business and data integrations as well as labor-intensive and error-prone exchange of custom product and pricing spreadsheets.

MEF18 Data-on-demand Proof-of-concept Demonstration

“We saw tremendous interest in our Proof-of-Concept this week at MEF18,” said Brian Hedstrom, Co-Founder and CEO. “This validates the carrier appetite for automation at the commercial and business layer, an area ripe for innovation as MEF continues to roll out the set of LSO API specifications. Our solution highlighted rapid and frictionless inter-carrier business operations for product discovery and quoting.”

“Our conversations with operators brought to light an urgent need to accelerate the quoting process across multiple partners,” said Adolfo Perez-Duran, Co-Founder and CTO. “As we demonstrated, our cross-domain, recursive quoting technology can significantly reduce quoting time and costs. We remain committed to listening to operators and to bring to market innovative technologies that reduce their pain points and increase their revenue.”

Cataworx is a key contributor to the MEF 3.0 LSO Sonata standardization effort and an early adopter of the API specifications. MEF announced the release of the LSO Sonata APIs this week supporting Address Validation, Serviceability, Quoting, Ordering, Billing Assurance, Testing, and Change Management.

Connecting with Cataworx

Cataworx would enjoy the opportunity to learn more about your partner operator integration efforts for pre-sales and sales activities including quote management. Request a demo and see how Artificial Intelligence and automation can transform your sales organization to enable faster time to revenue, improved customer experience and reduced operational expenditures.

About Cataworx

Cataworx, Inc. based in Boulder, Colorado is redefining how communications service providers buy and sell wholesale connectivity services. Cataworx was founded on the principles of helping Service Providers automate service lifecycle stages using software automation and integrations via Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)..

Cataworx software solutions automate much of the pre-sales processes in the buying and selling of wholesale services. Our platform connects wholesale carriers via standards-based APIs through a network of federated product catalogs, intent-driven customer portals (using Artificial Intelligence bots) and east-west inter-carrier B2B integrations.

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