Cataworx Contributes to MEF’s Euro17 LSO Hackathon

Cataworx Contributes to MEF’s Euro17 LSO Hackathon

Boulder CO startup Cataworx recently contributed to the acceleration of the development of the LSO Sonata interface in the context of the MEF Euro17 LSO Hackathon in Frankfurt Germany.

MEF Lifecycle Service Orchestration (LSO) aims at automating the entire lifecycle of connectivity services. In particular, services orchestrated across multiple provider networks. The LSO Sonata east-west interface supports the management and operations between two network providers at the Business Support System layer. MEF is currently focused on advancing development of the following use cases for Sonata:

  • Serviceability
  • Ordering
  • Billing
  • Troubleticketing

Our CTO, Adolfo Perez-Duran, contributed to the development of an inter-carrier service ordering application. We expect to contribute this source code to MEF’s LSO innovation platform, also known as MEFnet.

“We are excited to contribute to the acceleration of the Sonata API and the LSO Innovation Platform”, said Adolfo. “We believe that collaboration across organizations is the key to move the industry forward and increase the agility of business-to-business ordering interactions in the wholesale services marketplace.”

Cataworx looks forward to continued collaboration with companies such as Amartus, Cisco, and ECI on the advancement of the LSO APIs.

About Cataworx
Cataworx, Inc. based in Boulder, Colorado is redefining how communications service providers buy and sell wholesale connectivity services.

Cataworx decreases time-to-service and increases time-to-revenue by simplifying and accelerating the pre-sales process. The Cataworx platform offers a product modeler, a product catalog with B2B integration, and an analytics engine.

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