Cataworx Attends Nokia’s AON Technical Summit Americas 2019 as Partner Sponsor

Nokia AON Tech Summit Americas 2019

Cataworx Attends Nokia’s AON Technical Summit Americas 2019 as Partner Sponsor

Boulder, Colorado, 10 October 2019 —  Cataworx Inc., a telecommunications software vendor, recently attended the 5th annual Nokia Agile Optical Networking (AON) Technical Summit Americas event in Anaheim CA. The AON Tech Summit is an invitation-only event focused on providing Nokia’s customers and partner eco-system with the latest innovative ideas on the future of optical networking, new optical service offers and streamlining the selling and deployment of optical services.

At the summit, Cataworx discussed the potential to integrate their smart quoting solution into Nokia’s WaveSuite applications.  A foundational pillar for the WaveSuite applications is a patented Nokia software model that understands the hierarchical optical service value chain between the physical network operator and its customers, and its customers’ customers.  This hierarchical model enables WaveSuite applications to support new services innovation, automate the service lifecycle for rapid services deployment and provide a differentiated service throughout the optical service value chain.

The discussions explored the synergies between the WaveSuite applications and Cataworx’s Quoting Engine technology to provide recursive service quoting throughout the optical service value chain by automating and simplifying the quoting process for service fulfillment.  By combining Nokia’s WaveSuite with Cataworx’s Quoting Engine optical network operators could further accelerate time-to-revenue and increase customer satisfaction, with reduced OPEX.

“Our market-oriented ecosystem program includes diverse communities of complementary partners which fosters collaboration to accelerate new innovations and value creation for our customers.” said Robert Marson, Ecosystem Lead, Emerging Products ONBU at Nokia. “Exploring new ways to automate networks and the services lifecycle are a big part of this initiative. In our collaboration with Cataworx we are looking at ways to even further accelerate optical service delivery by streamlining the quoting process.”

“Together Nokia and Cataworx are exploring solutions to automate and accelerate optical service quoting,” said Brian Hedstrom, Cataworx Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer.  “Our joint goal is to help optical network operators of all types accelerate their service delivery through automated end-to-end service lifecycle management.”

“The combination of our smart quoting technology and WaveSuite applications has the potential to move us closer to delivering innovative optical services in near real time.” said Adolfo Perez-Duran, Cataworx Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer.

Cataworx and Nokia plan to further develop synergies between WaveSuite and Quoting Engine at the next AON event this spring.

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Cataworx, based in Boulder, Colorado, is revolutionizing wholesale connectivity sales operations with a scalable automation platform that decreases the multi-domain sales cycle from weeks to minutes, as a result of instant quote capability and standardized product descriptors, enabling Communication Service Providers to pursue more top line revenue, decrease sales expenses, and increase the overall profitability of their sales process.

Cataworx was founded on the principles of helping Communication Service Providers (CSPs) automate, simplify and accelerate their sales process. Cataworx’s platform includes a customer-oriented communication portal, an easy-to-use quoting interface, an integrated telecom wholesale services Product Catalog, & robust Pricing Engine. Our platform connects wholesale carriers via standards-based Application Programming Interfaces through a network of distributed product catalogs, intent-driven customer portals (using Artificial Intelligence bots) and inter-carrier B2B integrations.

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