Cataworx Community Portal

Cataworx Community Portal

The Cataworx Community Portal is an intent-driven, self-service, customer-oriented communication portal enabling Communication Service Provider pre-sales and sales team to collaborate, in real-time, with customers using state-of-the-art private chat rooms. Enterprise customers and partner operator customers simply state their intent using a natural language user interface (i.e., “I want a quote for an Access EPL 10 Gbps service at 95 Oriole Lane San Diego CA 92115”). Customer intent requests are handled by an artificial intelligence (AI) bot, *catabot, which fulfills their requests.

By providing instant responses to customer inquiries, catabot enables automation of serviceability and quote requests. If a customer request is unable to be fulfilled by the Communication Service Provider’s product offerings (e.g., off-net scenarios), catabot searches partner operator federated catalogs to locate off-net offerings which match the customer’s request. On-net and partner off-net serviceability checks and quotes are delivered to buyer customers in seconds.

Business Benefits

Increase Wholesale Revenue

  • Simplify the pre-sales process and identify revenue opportunities with real-time quote analytics.

Accelerate Time-to-Revenue

  • Deliver retail and wholesale product quotes in seconds.
  • Save time by eliminating the need for emails, phone calls and faxes.
  • Process more quotes faster with greater accuracy.
  • Provide accurate address validation/serviceability instantly.

Reduce Costs

  • Save money in IT and R&D by reducing operating expenses.

Improve User Experience

  • Collaborate with ALL your customers and partners under a single platform.
  • Save time by eliminating the need for emails, phone calls and faxes.
  • Uniform intent interface for product searches, serviceability, and quotes.
  • Put an end to complicated clicking and navigating confusing interfaces.
The Cataworx artificial intelligence bot

*catabot: The Cataworx artificial intelligence bot, which assists buyers in searching and quoting connectivity services via an intent-driven customer portal


Collaboration-driven Customer Portal

  • Intent-driven AI natural language user interface
  • Role-based access to specific features

Standards-based Distributed Product Catalog

  • Serviceability check including address or geographic point validation
  • Business rules-driven pricing
  • Industry standard quote model and API (TM Forum compliant)
  • A Product Uploader allows suppliers to populate their own product catalog by uploading a spreadsheet containing their data.

Data-Driven Solution

  • Real-time data-driven insights around product searches, serviceability and quotes
  • Control access to your data only by trusted partners
  • Data transformation turn spreadsheets into standards-compliant product catalog.
  • Microservices-based solution with flexible deployment options

Quote Management

  • Real-time quoting across local and remote/partner catalogs
  • Standards-based quotes are provided to buyers and support several file formats for viewing/downloading.
  • A Quote Editor allows suppliers to modify quotes before submitting them to buyer partners.
  • A Multi-Quote feature allows users to request any number of quotes using a spreadsheet to specify queries based on Serviceability or service attributes.
  • Multi-quotes can be requested from both local and remote catalogs.
  • A Quote Analyzer provides users the ability to analyze and make real-time decisions on a large number of quotes from multiple partners.
Generated Quote Example

Define product specs based on industry standards

Securely publish products into customer-facing catalog

Customers search catalog using natural language

Real-time Collaboration

Deliver accurate quotes in seconds

Support for multiple quote items

Real-time collaboration under one platform


Real-time data-driven insights

API Partner Integrations

Seamless B2B Partner Integrations

Cataworx Community Portal Overview

In the example scenario shown here, the red Service Provider, purple Wholesale Operator and grey Enterprise Customer are buyer customers for the blue Retail or Wholesale Operator supplier. Each buyer user logs into the supplier-branded Cataworx Community Portal to perform various customer-related activities, utilizing Cataworx intent-based user interface to ask for what they need, including:

  • Search for products
  • View and manage existing quotes
  • Check serviceability and address validation
  • Analyze and select preferred quotes
  • View product details
  • Request quote modifications
  • View quote
  • Request quotes including multiple quote requests

In many cases, catabot, the Cataworx AI bot, fulfills customer requests in real-time, without the need of supplier manual intervention.

Buyer users may also collaborate and interact, in real-time, with supplier pre-sales and sales teams using private chat rooms or user-to-user private messaging.

Different buyers (from other companies) are unaware of each other for data privacy and security. However, supplier users have full visibility and communication with all buyer customers in the platform.

Each user within the platform may:

  • Access and share files
  • Manage their contacts and chat rooms
  • Search for files, conversations and users
  • Access various communication channels
  • Get intuitive help
  • See their conversation history (including from catabot)
Cataworx Community Portal Product Overview

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