Cataworx’s New Features Deliver Cost Savings and Frictionless Integrations to CSP Customers

Cataworx’s New Features Deliver Cost Savings and Frictionless Integrations to CSP Customers

For most midsize telecom operators, the process of buying and selling wholesale services is, manual. In some cases, hundreds of emails and documents must be exchanged in order to go from an inquiry to the actual implementation of a service, dragging the sales cycle out days or even weeks. This extended timeframe wastes resources, increases errors, and leads to a low sales conversion rate.  When inefficient processes become the norm, it’s time for a change. No one has ever really challenged the status quo in the wholesale connectivity sales process–until now.

For those companies frustrated that every problem has just been written off as “typical” of the industry, Cataworx is here to provide a better way of doing things. In an effort to address these typical inefficiencies, Cataworx’s capabilities equip companies with the tools they need to be able to effectively shorten the duration of the sales process, minimize errors, and optimize partnerships and communication. As a result, companies are able to close more prospects without worrying that a lengthy sale process will result in lead-diversion. Instead of wasting weeks at a time, companies are now able to provide potential customers with quotes in a matter of seconds, thanks to Cataworx’s automated pre-sales platform. 

With Cataworx’s new product and features, companies are primed to implement these solutions quickly and effectively, which helps mitigate lead-diversion right away. Regardless of the IT and BSS/infrastructure complexity, companies can frictionlessly integrate Cataworx’s solution into their current systems via data adaptors and integrations while lowering customer acquisition costs and increasing the leads-to-sales conversion rate. With the new Cataworx Business Workflow Modeler, business analysts are able to team up with Cataworx experts to fully customize Cataworx’s automation technology to adapt to their current technological environment.

Cataworx’s AI-powered platform empowers sales teams by giving them more time to pursue new business opportunities and scale their business through automation, providing them with more time to pursue leads instead of managing issues and lengthy sales processes. With Cataworx’s new enhanced mapping and analytics features, sales teams can, in real-time, gain insights into the state of the pre-sales process. Straightforward KPIs help measure the strength of their partnerships, identify potential new business opportunities by location as well as understand demand for new product offerings.

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