Cataworx Announces Workflow Modeler and New User Capabilities

Cataworx Announces Workflow Modeler and New User Capabilities

For too long, Communication Service Providers (CSPs) have been slowed down by time-consuming sales processes that are often error-prone and yield unsatisfactory success rates. This lack of simplification and automation within the pre-sales process minimizes a company’s chances of closing deals and reducing operational expenses along the way. Until now, the wholesale connectivity sales industry has been defined by slow turn-around times and unwieldy customization required to get quotes to customers.

Enter Cataworx. We are dedicated to revolutionizing wholesale sales operations, which is why we are proud to announce our latest product release and update. This month, we’re addressing the problems that our customers asked for–our platform adjusts to our customers, not the other way around. Here’s what you can expect in our latest release:

New Product Alert: Cataworx Business Workflow Modeler

We couldn’t be more excited to announce the release of our Cataworx Business Workflow Modeler, or CBWM. This new product will empower our customers to define their workflows with support from Cataworx Modeling Experts. Our experts engage in a business conversation with our customers and help them design the optimal configuration of the Cataworx Platform that best suits their business needs. We know that every company is different, so we tailor our solutions to your individual processes, systems, and infrastructure.

Latest Software Update: Fresh Capabilities for Our Users

In our most dynamic update yet, we’ve added three major features to our existing products centered around partner/user management, enhanced mapping and analytics, and improved system integration. 

Partner/User Management

Our new partner/user management feature was built on the idea that our customers should have complete control over their partners and users/buyers. This capability in Chatworx, Cataworx’s social media style collaboration environment, provides a Cataworx Instance Admin role that can easily create new collaboration spaces (i.e., rooms) to host partner/buyer companies. Once a room is created, buying users can easily be added, updated, and removed in response to business needs. New users will receive an easy to follow invitation to join the platform via email. With this feature, sellers have the power to create and maintain an ecosystem for collaboration that scales with their customer needs.

Enhanced Mapping and Analytics

Next, our enhanced mapping and analytics feature will revolutionize geographic understanding of sales. We’ve enhanced the Analytics Engine feature by providing a location view of users that spans the entire globe. Customers will also reap the benefits of location monitoring, with new capabilities making it easy to view the location of their quote request across the world. Sellers will have access to intuitive navigation and pan and zoom controls that will allow them to identify trends and hotspots in their footprints in real-time.

Improved System Integration

The third component of our update increases back-end accessibility via major improvements to cross-system integration. Our customers will now be able to seamlessly integrate our products into their current BSS/OSS services and IT infrastructure. By integrating our services into an existing ecosystem, our customers will be taking a major step toward boosting our customers’ IT and technology capabilities and investments. At the core of our technology is a set of easy-to-orchestrate cloud-native micro-services. Our standards-based integration approach and data-mapping micro-services remove the pain of bringing a new technology stack into existing ecosystems to provide our customers with a frictionless integration experience.

We’re excited to provide our customers with CBWM and our new advanced capabilities. Click here to contact us, or email us at about what Cataworx can do for your business.