Cataworx Streamlines Connectivity Service Sales Process for Global Service Providers Infonas and Multinet

"Cataworx, a B2B telecom software company redefining the way wholesale connectivity services are bought and sold, today announced at the MEF19 Conference in Los Angeles, its scalable automation platform has facilitated a partnership between Infonas W.L.L and Multinet Pakistan to quote and order wholesale services and made the engagement [...]

Cataworx to Showcase Inter-provider Service Automation Solutions for Business & Commercial Sales Transactions at MEF19

Cataworx is a proud sponsor of the premier MEF event of the year, MEF19, held November 18 - 20 in Los Angeles, CA USA. This year, Cataworx will showcase inter-provider service automation solutions for business and commercial sales transactions. Expanding upon the MEF 3.0 framework, MEF19 focuses on accelerating [...]

Cataworx Attends Nokia’s AON Technical Summit Americas 2019 as Partner Sponsor

Cataworx Inc., a telecommunications software vendor, recently attended the 5th annual Nokia Agile Optical Networking (AON) Technical Summit Americas event in Anaheim CA. The AON Tech Summit is an invitation-only event focused on providing Nokia’s customers and partner eco-system with the latest innovative ideas on the future of optical [...]

The Top Three Benefits of an Instant-Quote System

At Cataworx, we are proud to offer our customers a platform that yields unmatched results in the wholesale connectivity sales process: instant-quote capability. In an industry dominated by inefficient communication and sales processes, we are dedicated to helping our customers stand out from the rest by bringing quotes to [...]

Expediting Your Wholesale Connectivity Sales Process

In today’s high-speed global market, some might expect that the wholesale telecommunications sales process would happen at lightning speed. Veterans of the industry and anyone who has worked at a midsized CSP know that this isn’t the case. The problems with the prototypical timeframe of wholesale connectivity sales processes [...]

Cataworx’s New Features Deliver Cost Savings and Frictionless Integrations to CSP Customers

For most midsize telecom operators, the process of buying and selling wholesale services is, manual. In some cases, hundreds of emails and documents must be exchanged in order to go from an inquiry to the actual implementation of a service, dragging the sales cycle out days or even weeks. [...]

A Q&A with Cataworx’s CTO

Cataworx’s new suite of capabilities is revolutionizing the way the wholesale connectivity sales industry operates. In the following Q&A, our Chief Technology Officer Adolfo Perez-Duran answers some questions and gives a behind-the-scenes look at this new release, its origin, and what it can do for your business. Where did the [...]

Cataworx Announces Workflow Modeler and New User Capabilities

For too long, Communication Service Providers (CSPs) have been slowed down by time-consuming sales processes that are often error-prone and yield unsatisfactory success rates. This lack of simplification and automation within the pre-sales process minimizes a company’s chances of closing deals and reducing operational expenses along the way. Until [...]

Infonas Selects Cataworx Pre-Sales Automation Platform for their Wholesale Data Connectivity Services

Cataworx Inc., a telecommunications software technology vendor, is proud to announce their selection as a technology provider to Infonas W.L.L., a leading global telecommunications service and cloud provider offering local and international telecommunication services throughout the Middle East.

Cataworx Wins MEF18 Proof of Concept Award for Inter-carrier Data-on-demand Services

Cataworx Inc., a telecommunications software startup technology vendor, along with technology partner Clear Blockchain Technologies, are proud recipients of the MEF18 Proof-of-Concept (PoC) Showcase silver award presented at MEF18 global networking event on Oct 31 in Los Angeles, CA. More than 50 companies in 18 groups participated in MEF18 [...]
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