Where is the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Industry Going?

Where is the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Industry Going?

Boulder, Colorado, March 16th, 2021 – The Information and Communications Technology (ICT) industry, like most industries, is continuously evolving to replace slow-moving, manual processes for the introduction of technology automation. Automation is the answer to outdated business systems and processes, resulting in increased efficiency and overall productivity of a company, increased revenue due to reduced overhead costs, and an all-encompassing revision of how a company operates day-to-day. The telecommunications industry has sorely needed business support system automation, most notably in the quote-to-order process for emerging on-demand services, creating customer-centric intent-driven results.

Cataworx is overcoming one of the largest barriers to growth and innovation in the archaic and complex telecommunications ecosystem – how service providers interconnect to deliver their end customers instant and on-demand service connectivity. Cataworx offers a solution that addresses the missing component of a common language across the global ecosystem of communications service providers, introducing standardized LSO Sonata API’s for multi-domain service fulfillment. The comprehensive platform has the tools to dynamically price on-demand services, fulfill and orchestrate quotes from start to finish, all in real-time. Cataworx’s agile system completely automates the quote-to-order process, creating a multi-domain, integrated network for communication service providers and their customers.

“With our solution, communications service providers remove the business friction they’ve reported while accelerating the quoting and fulfillment process, from weeks to minutes,” said Brian Hedstrom, co-founder and CEO of Cataworx. “The end result is an increase in customer satisfaction and overall revenue, accelerated time to revenue, and a reduced OPEX, while also enabling new bandwidth on demand service offerings.”

Cataworx is leading the market with its award-winning, best-in-class quote automation platform built specifically for the ICT industry. By leveraging automation to do the heavy lifting surrounding the fulfilment and orchestration of on-demand connectivity services, Cataworx is building the most-tech-forward multi-domain quote management system on the market. The cloud-native solution provided by Cataworx can be integrated with any modern business and operational support system and is supported by standardized LSO Sonata APIs designed to target common pain points for communication service providers and their technology suppliers.

As the demand for accessibility to service connectivity increases around the world, most evident due to the global pandemic, providing on-demand connectivity services to support customers will only become more of a necessity. The agility of a service provider being able to adapt and provide the services the market demands will be a key differentiator. Cataworx is able to dynamically price, quote on-demand services instantaneously, and connect network service providers to fulfill and orchestrate services for multi-domain connectivity. The ICT industry is moving towards a singular goal – end-to-end automation for the service and delivery of next generation on-demand connectivity services.