Expediting Your Wholesale Connectivity Sales Process

Expediting Your Wholesale Connectivity Sales Process

In today’s high-speed global market, some might expect that the wholesale telecommunications sales process would happen at lightning speed. Veterans of the industry and anyone who has worked at a midsized CSP know that this isn’t the case. The problems with the prototypical timeframe of wholesale connectivity sales processes are numerous. When a sales cycle lasts weeks and requires the exchange of countless documents between multiple parties, businesses often experience lost sales, errors, and broken partnerships. The lengthiness of this process is in large part due to the inefficiencies in communication between partner operators. At Cataworx, we think it’s about time to start asking why, in the telecommunications business, we’ve all settled for half-baked sales support tools and processes. 

Customers have long been frustrated with how long it takes to get a quote, leaving your business to deal with the associated churn–or, you can turn instead to automation. Cataworx is proud to bring our cutting-edge automation platform to CSPs everywhere. Our instant-quote capability allows CSPs to deliver customized quotes to their customers within minutes instead of weeks. Cataworx’s social media style collaboration environment, Chatworx, provides a one-stop-shop for all buying and selling needs that partners and customers alike can appreciate. By using Cataworx, you are creating an unparalleled ecosystem for collaboration that will set you apart from other CSPs.

Streamlining the process of connectivity sales for your customers and partners creates a positive, stand-out experience that is unique in the industry.  You, as well as your customers and partners, will never have to deal with endless chains of emails and document exchanges again when you make the switch to automation. With Cataworx’s AI-powered platform, you can connect with more potential customers and partners faster and give your collaborators a frictionless experience they didn’t think was possible. 

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