The Top Three Benefits of an Instant-Quote System

The Top Three Benefits of an Instant-Quote System

At Cataworx, we are proud to offer our customers a platform that yields unmatched results in the wholesale connectivity sales process: instant-quote capability. In an industry dominated by inefficient communication and sales processes, we are dedicated to helping our customers stand out from the rest by bringing quotes to their buyers within minutes instead of weeks. How can this powerful feature help you stand out from others in the industry?

#1: Ditch the Back-and-Forth File Exchange Process

It is not atypical within our industry to have email chains totaling in the hundreds while trying to get a single quote to a single customer or partner. The countless attachments and lofty document-sharing procedures seem almost unfit in our modern, automated age–so why has it gone on for so long when everyone is focused on accelerating the pace that the world connects? Until now, there really hasn’t been another, better way to conduct this error-prone manual process.

Enter instant-quote capability. By bringing automation into the mix, the process of acquiring and delivering a quote is as frictionless as possible. Cataworx’s capability is especially suited to get rid of document exchange over email altogether, as our entire platform operates over our easy-to-use, collaborative chat environment. With the power of an instant-quote system, the never-ending back-and-forth is a thing of the past.

#2: Save Time and Maximize Your Sales Efficiency

One of the primary benefits of a system that provides quotes instantaneously rather than manually is that it saves countless hours in the process. As it is currently, the process of acquiring and then delivering a quote is painstakingly long due to the fact that it is an entirely manual process. Additionally, the wholesale telecommunications sales industry is not known for its continuity from carrier to carrier; everyone has a different idea of what their product and service should look like and what they should cost. Even partners you work with on a regular basis vary their quotes on a case-by-case basis, making it very difficult to expedite the process.

With instant-quote capability, this inefficient process is upgraded to an automated process and becomes easier than ever. The process is collaborative and instantaneous, allowing users to streamline their own processes unlike ever before. What would you do with all this free time?

#3: Have Freedom to Pursue More Opportunities

Here’s a suggestion for using your extra time: pursue new business. With the days and weeks you save not emailing back and forth to get quotes, you and your sales team can allocate more time to pursuing new leads and growing your business. The power of instant-quote capability goes beyond saving time and efficiency: it empowers your team members to chase more sales, convert new leads, and maintain customer relationships instead of concerning themselves with time-consuming quote processes and doing operational damage control when there’s a miscommunication in the process.

Learn how Cataworx can invigorate your team with the power of instant-quote capability. Talk to one of our experts today about how we can revolutionize your wholesale connectivity sales process.