Cataworx Showcased their MEF 3.0 LSO Sonata APIs at MEF17

Cataworx Showcased their MEF 3.0 LSO Sonata APIs at MEF17

Cataworx, one of only two telecom software startups to exhibit, received great reception for their bot-based federated product catalog at MEF17 in Orlando FL last month.

Cataworx showcased their MEF 3.0 LSO Sonata interface implementation for a federated product catalog which simplifies searches, service availability/feasibility checks and real-time quote generation. In addition, Cataworx demonstrated real-time pre-sales analytics reporting including insights into partner catalog searches and quote management.

Catabot, the company’s AI-driven Bot, highlighted scenarios where buyers benefit from bot-assisted searching while receiving instantaneous quotes for wholesale services from their partners.

“Operators we spoke to overwhelmingly agreed that their pre-sales business cycles lack efficiencies and are mostly manual processes”, said Brian Hedstrom, Co-founder and CEO.  “We strongly believe operators are looking for software innovation around MEF 3.0 and in particular the Sonata B2B interface. Our conversations with operators both validate our understanding of the problem as well as our solution to that problem.”

“Our customers are looking for a way to tap into collaboration platforms in order to simplify the pre-sales process”, said Adolfo Perez-Duran, Co-founder and CTO. “Our AI-driven bots bring that extra level of communication. It’s like having a virtual assistant, enabling our users to free up time for more strategic tasks. For some the bots are coming. With Cataworx, the bots have arrived.”

Using the Cataworx platform, operators selling wholesale services see the following benefits:

  • Accelerated time-to-revenue
  • Increased wholesale revenue
  • Reduction in OpEx and streamlined pre-sales activities
  • Compliance with emerging MEF 3.0 standards


Cataworx is delighted to bring to market an innovative approach to the pre-sales process. Our federated catalog implements both MEF LSO east-west Sonata interfaces and TM Forum Quote API Standards for product searches, queries and quoting.  Our real-time collaboration platform connects buyers and suppliers in a “team chat room” environment.

About Cataworx

Cataworx, Inc. based in Boulder, Colorado is redefining how communications service providers buy and sell wholesale connectivity services. Cataworx increases wholesale revenue and accelerates time-to-revenue by simplifying and automating the pre-sales process. The Cataworx federated product catalog implements both MEF LSO Sonata interfaces and TM Forum Quote API Standards for product searches, queries and quoting across any number of partner operators. Our bot-based real-time collaboration platform provides a consistent user experience to connect buyers and suppliers.

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