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Revolutionize your Sales Operations with Cataworx

Cataworx delivers a cloud-native business-to-business sales automation platform, designed to simplify and accelerate the sales process of selling data connectivity. With a suite of software services built for communication and connectivity services, Communications Service Providers can manage and scale operations, provide insight into product offerings, empower customers to customize quote items, and capture a real-time analysis of the quote-to-cash lifecycle.

Cataworx’s sales automation platform is composed of a suite of software services built for communication and connectivity services for managing and scaling operations, providing on-demand customer insights into product offerings, empowering sales teams with the flexibility of on-demand pricing, and reporting real-time analytics of the quote-to-cash lifecycle.

Communications Service Providers can pursue more top-line revenue, decrease sales expenses, offer new, dynamic and on-demand services and increase the overall profitability of their sales process while offering their customers a straightforward purchasing experience. Cataworx business support systems are integrated through standardized MEF 3.0 LSO Sonata APIs accelerating service delivery time over multiple provider networks.

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