A Q&A with Cataworx’s CTO

A Q&A with Cataworx’s CTO

Cataworx’s new suite of capabilities is revolutionizing the way the wholesale connectivity sales industry operates. In the following Q&A, our Chief Technology Officer Adolfo Perez-Duran answers some questions and gives a behind-the-scenes look at this new release, its origin, and what it can do for your business.

Where did the inspiration behind this new product release and software update come from?

This release was really driven by a desire to have a deep understanding of our customers’ pain points. We’ve had many conversations with both customers and potential users to try and gain a robust understanding of what they need, what they’re looking for, and what the current gaps are in their sales and pre-sales processes. For us, it really comes down to listening to our customers, and the way we respond to their needs is by adapting our technology.

The other area that really inspired us with this release was taking the pulse of the industry at various industry conferences and letting that innovative space fuel our processes. At these events, we talked again with customers to learn even more about what they want to see, what their objectives are, and what is keeping them awake at night in terms of their businesses. Our presence at ITW, MEF18, and CableLabs’ Summer Conference really gave us the space we needed to engage in one-on-ones with potential customers to get to the heart of how our solutions could solve their problems.

What gaps exist today in the wholesale connectivity sales industry that make these capabilities so pertinent?

Three major issues in this industry are that the current sales and pre-sales processes are mostly manual, time-consuming, and error-prone. For the majority of our customers, who are telecom operators who have a limited footprint, the process of buying and selling services with their partners is manual. And although it’s core to their business growth, the fact that it is manual unequivocally slows down revenue generation. We have recorded incidents shared by our customers of having to exchange hundreds of emails, up to 500, to go from an inquiry to actually deploying a service. This kind of communication is bogged down because it relies on exchanging files and also because there is no universal set of standards for what a product description should look like. 

These gaps negatively impact the greater mission of the wholesale connectivity sales industry, which is to accelerate the pace that the world connects. Case in point, it’s not typical for a single operator to connect a site in Tokyo using only its own network. You have to have partners via different providers, so the key concept here is collaboration. Our technology simplifies and accelerates the pace of collaboration among operators.

What is this release going to do for your customers?

This release is going to save our customers time and reduce operational expenses, help them become more efficient, and empower them to pursue more business opportunities and growth. The processes that can typically take up to 6 weeks now can happen within a day at most, and the idea behind our revolutionary software is now more accessible than ever with our new capabilities and product release. In this release, we’ve improved our data privacy, collaboration features, and offer new global coverage.

We introduced the Cataworx Business Workflow Modeler because we wanted to ensure that our product could adapt to how customers choose to run their businesses. With this product and our improved system integration capabilities, our customers can frictionlessly implement our solution and fully customize it to meet their needs. We know our customers already have huge investments in IT and infrastructure/BSS, so we’ve created adaptors and plug-ins to work with current infrastructure without disruption. We don’t build our software to suit the way we hope our customers run and model their business–we build it and adapt it to how each business actually works, and that’s why we are convinced these new workflow management and integration capabilities will be so valuable to our customers.