We simplify how

Communication Service Providers

buy and sell wholesale

connectivity services

Cataworx provides a telecom pre-sales enablement platform that simplifies, automates and accelerates the process of defining, publishing, searching and quoting connectivity services.

Cataworx Real-time Quoting Customer Portal


  • Get your connectivity services quote in seconds, not weeks

  • Experience a fast and simple pre-sales process

  • Speak a common language with your partners and customers using standard product definitions

  • Reduce your direct labor costs

Benefits For Suppliers

  • Streamline your product definitions using our modeler

  • Faster time-to-service increases revenue*.

  • Intelligent modeler and product publishing assistant simplifies product definitions across all partners

  • Eliminate software development, maintenance and IT costs**.

*Up to $10 Million USD for a mid-size Communications Service Provider.
**At least $500,000 USD per year for a small team of four developers.

Benefits For Buyers

  • Faster time-to-service

  • Easy-to-use natural language search engine

  • Intelligent assistant simplifies quote selection across multiple providers

  • Improved end customer satisfaction