Do you find that your product specifications and service definitions exist in an array of different formats, such as Excel spreadsheets, Word documents, PDFs, existing customer facing websites/portals, or other catalog-based software applications?

You’re not alone.
Our research has shown this to be the case for many operators like you.

This can be an overwhelming problem that distracts you from efficiently serving your end customers.

To tackle this problem, Cataworx professional services team collects all relevant documentation on your product specifications and service definitions.

For most operators, products and services were defined at different times, by different groups within the organization, using different attributes and terminology. This results in inconsistent and duplicative definitions for your products that can confuse your end customers and add delay to the pre-sales process.

After collecting all the relevant product specification and service definition data and using Cataworx Product Modeler, our professional services team will reconcile and model your connectivity service offerings. This will produce product definitions based on MEF standards. These definitions will be easy to consume by your customers and partner operators.

No confusion for your customers and no further data translation required.

Securely publish products into customer-facing catalog

We know you want to have full control of your data. After reviewing, updating and approving the industry standard product definitions produced by our Cataworx Product Modeler, you can easily publish your offerings to all of your customers and partners.
Ultimately, you have control over when and who can access your product offering data.

Once published, your customers and partner can easily find your product offerings further improving the speed and efficiency of your business operations.