Do you struggle specifying the products you are looking for? Do you feel you have to decode the offering from every single partner?

Cataworx eliminates the confusion and complexity of expressing your needs.

No need to spend extra time decoding your partner operator’s product specifications, simply use natural language to specify the parameters of the product you are looking for. Cataworx does the heavy lifting.

Based on user input and using inter-catalog API calls, Cataworx queries partner Product Catalogs for product offerings that match the product parameters.

The inter-catalog queries result in a set of quotes from partner operators based on the product parameters.

Our FAQ section contains additional details on how our inter-catalog integration implements the MEF Lifecycle Service Orchestration (LSO) Sonata east-west interface.

Customers search catalog using natural language

After receiving a set of quotes from partner operators, Cataworx applies recommendation algorithms to help you select the best quote.

Finally, Cataworx provides a product offering recommendation that takes into account product parameters, product offerings, and analytics performed on the quotes obtained through inter-catalog queries.