Cataworx Introduces the First-to-Market Intent-driven Pre-sales Automation Platform

Cataworx Introduces the First-to-Market Intent-driven Pre-sales Automation Platform

Cataworx is excited to announce the release of their intent-driven pre-sales automation platform which significantly accelerates product searches, serviceability/address validation and quoting. Their solution is targeted to CSPs delivering agile, assured and orchestrated next generation connectivity services.

Cataworx platform automates much of the present day manual pre-sales processes CSPs face. CSPs benefit through increasing their wholesale revenue, accelerating time-to-revenue, reducing IT and operational costs while improving their customer/partner user experience.

Securely publish offerings into a customer-facing catalog

Natural language catalog search for speed and ease-of-use

Accurate quotes in seconds for faster time-to-revenue

Bulk address validation to assure rapid response accuracy

Collaboration Icon

Sales automation portal designed to support real-time collaboration

Within the customer portal users interact with Catabot, an Artificial Intelligence bot, which assists them in searching and quoting services via a natural language intent-based interface. Users can receive accurate and instant quotes including address validation.

Cataworx Intent-Driven Customer Portal

Product Features

MEF 3.0 LSO Cantata Customer Portal

  • Intent-driven AI natural language user interface

Product Catalog

  • Address/latitude & longitude serviceability checks
  • Business rules-driven pricing
  • Industry standard quote model and API (TM Forum compliant)
  • Quote Editor

Data Driven Solution

  • Real-time data-driven insights around product searches, serviceability & quotes
  • Control access to your data only by trusted partners
  • Data transformation turn spreadsheets into standards-compliant product catalog
  • Microservices-based solution with flexible deployment options

Interested in learning more or seeing a demo? Cataworx will be at ITW 2018, East Tower, Purple Level, Premium Bilateral Table P138. Stop by and let’s discuss how we can simplify your wholesale pre-sales processes.

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